Reihan, Shaked, Sun 24.5.09, Morning

Hanna H., Ronit T.

Translation: Bracha B.A.

6:00 Reihan Barta’a Checkpoint
About 15 people are waiting for rides in the upper parking lot.  Vegetables wrapped in blue plastic are visible in the new inspection facility.  One tender is waiting at the document checkpoint (the old inspection site).  Until 06:05 there is constant traffic of workers from the terminal going towards the seamline zone.  Between 6:05 to 06:13 no one comes out.  Two young women are sitting in the only inspection booth that is in operation, and one is teaching the other the secrets of their profession.  From 6:16 to 6:20 10 people pass through.  At 6:25 a large group of young women comes out.  At 06:30 they are picked up at 06:30 in a white van coming from the seamline zone. There is a lot of traffic around the new inspection facility.  It appears that it is now running and being tested.  A new garden is also being planted next to it.  There are 4 trucks with merchandise in the lower parking lot and two vans loaded with eggs.  The drivers report that at 05:30 trucks with merchandise were already being let in to be checked.  At 6:40 a van with eggs drives up to the document inspection point.  The driver gets out, shows his documents, and returns to wait next to the vehicle.  Meanwhile a truck arriving from the direction of the seamline zone loaded with empty pallets passes through within a minute.  3 cars emerge from the vehicle inspection facility and pick up passengers.At 6:50 the van with the eggs moves forward together with a garbage truck to stand in the waiting area in front of the gate to the inspection facility.  It appears that the procedure takes longer for regular cars but it must be checked.

7:00 Shaked-Tura Checkpoint
The gate from the direction of the seamline zone is wide open.  The gate from the other side opens precisely at 7:00.  About 20 men are standing next to the turnstile and two cars are waiting.  At 7:05 they are still waiting for the turnstile to open.  Two women and the owner of the donkey who is already tied up who are heading towards the seamline zone enter the inspection room accompanied by a soldier from this side.   At 7:08 the first car arrives to be checked after its driver got out.  8 people are standing next to the turnstile. At 7:11 the car leaves and the herd of goats follows.  At 7:12 the students arrive.  The soldiers check their IDs while they stand obediently in a line.

At 7:15 some small children arrive.  They go through near the soldiers but are asked to go back.  They are stopped for a minutes and then continue on their way.  The students pass through at 7:18 but the transit that brought them will only get through at 7:32. Someone who approaches us from the direction of the checkpoint declares:  “Today things are OK.  Only today!  Every day everyone has to go through the [inspection] room!  Only today they don’t have to!”

8:10 – Two girls and their mothers are waiting for us at Jalameh Crossing for us to take them to Rambam Hospital for treatment.