Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Wed 20.5.09, Morning

Edna P., Anat T (reporting)
06:50  Sheikh Sa'ed


Many pupils crossing, few workers.  The soldiers are courteous, smiling, and the atmosphere is calm.  The names of adults continue to be registered.  No point in asking why since we heard of "closing the circle": detentions, detentions -- to find out who leaves every day, and who leaves to return only a few days later.  Someone at the Sahbak sits, bored, staring at these names?

07:30  The Pishpash

We went to see the progress of the wall abutting the houses which will remain in Israel.  Much work was done this week, the workers reinforcing the concrete.  It seems that the windows against the wall will soon be blocked.

08:15  Zeitim Crossing

We see smoke on the western side of the checkpoint, and indeed the checkpoint is closed: no one coming or going.  The commander reports that an electrical failure caused a fire and the fire-brigade has been called.  But no one had bothered to tell those waiting to cross. Where is their sense of service?  Twenty minutes after leaving we called and found out that the checkpoint was open.

09:00  Wadi Nar

A smell of burning tire greets us.  A long line of some 70 vehicles meanders in the wadi.  It's hot, also for the soldiers standing in the sun.  Transits are detained in triplets, but released within 10 minutes.  We call the area commander (border police), and within 20 minutes the line disappears.