'Azzun 'Atma, Wed 25.3.09, Afternoon

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Racheli B.A., Sharon L., (reporting), Moran B. (Guest)

18:00 - Azzun Atma Checkpoint

Our I.D. cards were taken as soon as we arrived.  The traffic was very light.  The checkpoint commander, a Border Policeman, explained to us very politely that the number of residents of Azzun Atma has increased from 2000 - 7000.  Since the village is in the center of the country people can go in and out freely: in other words they are not thoroughly checked.  The residents must present ID cards and are let through.  Workers who have permits are allowed to work throughout Israel.  and whoever does not can go to five different places: Nahal Raven, Elkana, Etz Ephraim, Shaarei Tikva, and Oranit.  Because of the village's location effort is being made to issue all the residents blue Israeli ID cards. 

The commander uses his own judgment and is very considerate and knows the people and their work places.  While we were there residents who went through did not have to wait, were not checked, and only presented their ID cards showing that they live in Azzun Atma.