Reihan, Shaked, Sun 3.5.09, Afternoon

Yocheved g. and Hana H.

  15:15 - 17:00
 Shaked-Tura checkpoint
The checkpoint is quiet, a few caנs with passengers cross over on both sides, inspection is swift.We meet the father of the school child who was detained together with his uncle, the teacherת on Monday (report of 27.4 לא ראיתי הדו"ח - את יכולה לשלוח לי?), He had just returned from the military court where the teacher's case is sentenced (the pupil was apparently discharged earlier). The teacher would be released  within 24 hours with a bail of NIS 10,000. His trail is scheduled for June 1st.2009

Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint
There 4 pickup trucks loaded 'ith goods, under unspection in the enclosed area. 2 more are waiting in the lower car park area. 4 vehicles with passengers are inspected at the vehicle's inspectin post. inspection takes 15 minutes.
 The lower care park area is full of vehicles awating returning day workers. We speak with those returning from work inside Israel and they (as always) complain of hardships they have to encounter at the Taibe checkpoint. One of them tells us that there 'שד a time when they had tried to get orgenized, they paid an 'usher' who would control order in the line at the entrance to the checkpoint, but the Palestinian police got involved and had prevented that arrangement.
The police commander  looked into their complaint at 10:00 am and concluded that " there is no problem".

At 16:30 we notice a begining of busy traffic to both directions.
The orange picking season had ended and the pace of entrance of workers into the terminal is steady. and so, despite the only one window being operational traffic streams along without delays.