Eyal, Mon 11.5.09, Afternoon

Bilha A., Yona A.; Translation: Bracha B.A.

18:00 - Private cars and taxis are beginning to bring Palestinian workers back from work in Israel.  We stand opposite the turnstile at the entrance to the building.  An army vehicle approaches us.  An officer with the rank of lieutenant gets out to speak with us.  He explains that we must move back and stand at the gate and points to the shed next to the parking lot.  "What can we see from there?" we ask, and he suggests that we bring binoculars with us.  When we asked the reason why he wants us to distance us, he explains that this is a closed military zone.  We argue with him and he decides to clarify the matter and makes a phone call.  After a short conversation he tells us "You're right. My mistake, I'm sorry." 

During the time we were near the crossing there were no lines and people hurried through the turnstiles and exited in the building within a short time.