Abu Dis, Sheikh Saed, Fri 15.5.09, Morning

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Efrat B., Claire A., 3 guests: Nur, Nurit, Guy


Sheikh Saed

Desolate and disconsolate.  A Palestinian is circulating in Sheikh Sa'ed with a small truck selling fruits and vegetable.  He says he worked for years in Israel, particularly in the north, selling in the Galilee and the Golan and earning well.  Until they decided not to renew his permit.  He has no idea why.  He plans to turn to Silvia who might solve his problem.  For the time being he sells fruits and vegetables in the village; the father of 15, he has lost all his savings.

Abu Dis


The soldiers know that the wall will have to move back to include the homes of those on the list in Israeli territory.  The due date was 1.4.08 -- a delay of a little over one year.  Perhaps this will happen soon.  We rehearse the old argument about filming, and we suggest they check to find out that we are indeed permitted.
Increased presence of police between Abu Dis and the Hebrew University through Augusta Victoria Hospital -- the Pope will be flown to the airport by helicopter at 13:00.