Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Wed 6.5.09, Morning

yael Tz. and Na'ama (reports)


06:50: the checking lane is empty and so are the waiting areas on both its ends. Workers have apparently passed through already.

Road 60

Dahariya: blocked.

Dura Elfawwar: open.

Shuyukh: a military jeep stands at the CP, but the soldiers don't seem to be particular interested in those who pass through. When we end our shift, the jeep is already gone.

Humanitarian CP: closed.



Patriarchs' tombs' cave: two detaineesinfo-icon at the CP. A Borders' Police soldiers approaches one of them and talks to him. Although we can't hear what he asks, his tone is threatening and the detainee is visibly terrified.

Pharmacy CP; Tarpat CP; Tel Rumeidah CP: passage is quick and smooth.

Shouhada St.: groups of soldiers sit or lie on the pavements. They appear very bored.