'Anabta, Jubara (Kafriat), Thu 14.5.09, Afternoon

Ofra H. Milet S. Hagar L. (reporting); Natanya translating
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

14.45 On our way to road 55 we recognise the lines of the new fence under the settlement of Zofim and see that the old one is being taken down. The owners of lands are still not being allowed to go on to them until the fence is moved. On the side of Zofim there had been a permit to go in to them. We phoned the head of the Nabi Elias town council to get information about the by-pass road of Azun. He said that he had heard rumours but had not received a plan or a notice of confiscation.

15.20 The checkpoint of Deir Sharaf. Free movement of cars going to and from Nablus. In the 20 minutes that we were there soldiers stopped a bus for a quick check. Drivers passing wave at us. We meet the contractor on the road which is being built from Shave Shomron to road 60 and he tells us that the goal of the new road is to fix the dangerous area of the previous road (which had been built about two years ago) and that there is no plan to lengthen it more than we have seen. The beginning is at the first turn on the road going up to Shave Shomron and the end at the nearby factory at the crossroads. The question of course is: Does this really justify the confiscation of land and the investment of millions of shekel of the taxpayer's money? (The contractor says that the army and the settlement of Shave Shomron are paying for the road).

15.50 Anabta. Traffic moves in the direction of Tulkarm. When we get close the soldiers stop checking and until they open again a line forms. A few minutes later some more cars are allowed through and again an interval. This time the soldier is speaking to his friend on the phone. We decide to leave and as soon as we are out of the sight of the soldiers the traffic again begins to move. We complained to the Humanitarian Centre on the use of authority which is not for the reasons of security.

We hear the contractor explain to the second in command where the olive trees have to be uprooted so as to widen the road. He says that the olive trees are left at the side of the road and given to the contractor who will enable the Palestinians to take them. So he does make money from the occupation but he is prepared to give everything back and leave.

16.20 Jubara. A group of 5 who have permits wait to go through to the Territories. No detaineesinfo-icon.