'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 14.5.09, Morning

Anna N. S, Neta J. (reporting)

Translation: Devorah K. 06:00 A'anin CPThe gatesinfo-icon of the CP are open, only about a dozen people are going through all together: one woman, three children, three tractors and one donkey. These 'happy' few go through in the course of forty minutes, with the soldiers carefully making note of the personal details of each one.A boy of about 15 is not allowed to go through with his father, even though he has a birth certificate that proves that he is not yet 16. A telephone call to the DCO helps and the boy does go through. For some reason not all the soldiers know that 12 year olds (listed in the parents' permits) to 16 year olds (the age when they get an ID card), can go through with one of the parents. A young man goes through happily and mentions that this is the first time that he can visit his sister who lives in Umm-el-Reihan. 06:50 Shaked-Tura CPThe soldiers are organizaing things to open the CP. About fifteen people and three cars are already waiting on the side of the West Bank for passage to the seamline zone. From the seamline zone pupils are beginning to arrive. The children do not enter the inspection pavilion, but they have to present documents to the soldiers. From our conversation with the DCO representative, we understood that the documents include a pupil's ID, a birth certificate and photocopies of the ID and certificate of residence in the seamline zone of one of the parents.Among the few drivers who arrive from the seamline zone is Y., who was victimized by a tracker yesterday when a policeman from the Shaked-Shahak police was convinced that he was innocent. Today Y. goes through 'smoothly'.The passage from the West Bank to the seamline zone is very slow, and there is constantly a queue of ten to fifteen people near the turnstiles at the entrance to the pavilion.07:45 There is no longer a queue, and two herds of goats have also gone through with no trouble. 08:05 Reihan-Barta'a CPThose who work in Barta'a arrive in small groups, on foot and in vehicles, in the Palestinian parking lot, and they are swallowed up in the terminal.Six loaded pickup trucks are waiting for inspection. One of the drivers tells us that there is no improvement. On the contrary, first the documents are inspected as always, in the vehicle CP, and then they go up to the new inspection compound. The drivers of private cars also hand over their documents for inspection in the vehicle CP and then go up for inspection to the new compound.08:20 The six pickup trucks are called for inspection. We did not wait until they left.08:30 The pickup trucks go up to the inspection compound. Two private cars are called to the vehicle compound and after a few minutes go up to the inspection compound.A. tells us that there are new soldiers at the Mavo Dotan-Ameriha CP, who are, he says, religious. He says that they are 'not nice', do not answer when they are greeted, but the passage is 'ok'.T., a resident of Ameriha, tells us that in another ten days the village will be connected to electricity. That will be a big festival. He asks for the contribution of electric appliances, especially television sets. 08:50 We left the CP. Cars are waiting for workers on the side of the seamline zone.