'Anabta, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Tue 28.4.09, Morning

Natalie, Ruth C (reporting) Translator: Charles K.
Anabta.  7:45-8:15. 

Construction of the checkpoint continues at full speed.  Almost
no vehicles waiting on line to enter.  Inspection of those leaving
goes slowly, everyone is checked, but no everyone is asked to show documents. 
There was a line of 12 vehicles when we arrived.  The commander
is very suspicious, asks us to move back and not to interfere. 
“I don’t like being watched, move back, don’t make a lot of noise.” 
We argued and finally moved back a little, enough so we could see but
not be too annoying.  From time to time a vehicle is asked to wait
on the side in order for ID cards to be checked; it’s usually released
quickly.  When we left the line had dwindled to two vehicles.


Jubara.  8:30-8:50.

We arrived at Jubara; the soldiers here are also very unfriendly. 
We asked to enter the village to visit Abu Hatam.  They asked to
see our ID cards; I showed mine and the commander wanted Natalie to
show one also.  Unfortunately, she’d forgotten it at home, and
we weren’t allowed to enter in spite of our pleas.

“You’re lucky that I’m
allowing her to enter Israel.”  The law is you have to carry
an ID card.

We felt like a Palestinian
who forgot his ID – a very unpleasant feeling, but there was nothing
to do; there was no point to argue, and we left toward Qalqilya.