'Anabta, Irtah, Wed 22.4.09, Morning

Nora R. Irit (a visitor); Natanya translating.

6.45 Irtah
We set out for a "normal" shift but we began it at Irtah. This is an hour when the area should be relatively empty but all the possible parking places along the road were taken and it was obvious that the morning would be awful. The lane at the entrance was packed. Hundreds of angry workers worried and upset at the idea of losing a day of work. I could not make an estimate of the time but while we were there the turnstile opened each time to allow about 18-19 people through and then closed for half a minute and again opened for the same amount. The sight was awful, the pressure was every hard on the people and many shouted to us that we were standing there and not doing anything.

Also when they wanted to come back they had to wait. ("My boss is not waiting for me)" When we got through quarter of an hour later workers who had lost their day of working were waiting for someone to turn the turnstile in the other direction and let them though. Those exiting were bitter and stopped to describe to us the long time and the long way which they had to make so as to manage a day of work. They told us that inside only two checking posts were working.

7.45 Anabta.

On the booth of the soldiers we found the "thank you" sign of the women in blue and white. When we said that this was against the law the soldiers said that they had not put it up and had found it there. The work in the area is continuing and the area being straightened looks as if a circle is being made.

The cars pass mainly without being checked. There is a continuous arrival of cars and each time there is a delay of one or two minutes a line of 5-10 cars forms. One of them says "Good that you have come. You help us to pass the time". Evidently he is bored. They want to speak to us and all are convinced that they are defending our lives.