'Anabta, Beit Iba, Jubara (Kafriat), Thu 5.3.09, Morning

Zvia S., Rachel A.(reporting); Natanya translating

 07:30 Jubara Checkpoint

We were happy to see that Ar-Ras Checkpoint has been removed and life goes on.

The soldiers at Jubara check the people who come to Jubara and allow residents of the village and people with permits to enter.

Travelling on to Anabta, we see that the entrance to Safarin is open. There are no obstacles on the rough track that enters the village, and we drive along it and then see a small village with large houses and many in the process of being built. The few residents around are happy to see us.

An abundance of spring flowers in many colours. At a distance from Safarin, is the village of Beit Lid on the road that is being widened with Euro-American funds.

08:45 Anabta

Bulldozers and military earthmovers give evidence of the beginning of earthworks in the area of the checkpoint. The soldiers refuse to answer our questions. The commander asks us to stand outside the checkpoint.

The pace of vehicle transit varies. Each time they open in only one direction. A woman, on foot, with a child, is trying to pass and the officer says that there is no passage for pedestrians.