Reihan, Shaked, Sat 2.5.09, Morning

Shula N. and Rutie T.(reporting)

7:30 - Shaked-Tura checkpoints

4 women and two men wait for the opening of the inspection room. The turnsile is stuck. One soldier went to see what's going on. "Is your turnstile stuck?" we ask,"What's the idea, its done on purpose". Some kind of humor.
A herd of goats is waiting behind the gate. It passes through at 7:42, proceeding in between the fences. Three minutes later, another herd of obeying goats cross over in the direction of the Seam Line zone.
A van full of students, who get off by the gate.
Until 8:00 there is heavy traffic on both directions. Abbas from the DCO arrives in a white pickup truck. Mr.Z approaches him on a matter of a permit that he had obtained but has been unable to make use of it . Abbas directs him to Tymore Maree in Salem and we, on our part, offered  him the telephone number of  Lieutenant Colonel Adal.
Until 08:05 the bustle calms down and we leave.

8:15 - Rihan Barta'a checkpoint
5 vans wait for passengers at the upper car park area. A yellow cab arrives and "steals" from them 11 passengers despite his licesen that permits 7 passengers only. Van drivers protest loudely and worn the driver from the police. "now he'd drive to Barta'a in a speed of 160, 170 (kph) to be back to drive more workers while we have no livelihood". But at this time even the vans fill up.
From the sleeveinfo-icon to the terminal a yellow cab is observed by the inspection booth at the gate leading to the West Bank. Young women wait by it.
3 more cars are behind the line. On the other side, at the vehicles' inspection platform, there are two cars and a tractor with a wagon.
A soldier sitting in the lookout above the sleeve, greets us, praises our dedication for coming over even on the Sabbath and points out the important activity  that we do, in his opinion.
People coming out of treminal report that  they came out within  fifteen minutes.
Inside the terminal we observe a long line to the window but it desperses in less than ten minutes.

From 8:33 to 8:36 twenty people had gone through.
8:38 - 5 people wait at the entrance in front of  the window. Priority is given to those going into the Seam Line zone.They cross over in 4 minutes.

8:50 - Traffic flows along without delays.