'Anabta, Qalqiliya, Mon 27.4.09, Morning

Nina S., Hani S., (reporting)

6:25 Yirtach is closed because of the curfew.

6:40 Anabta

A few cars, coming from both directions, are being checked quickly.  A taxi is sent to wait by the side of the road while the documents are checked by phone.  The taxi is allowed to leave after 4 minutes.

7:47 Azun is closed by a mound of earth, concertina wire and fencing.  A path is being cleared along the earth mound by pedestrians.

 7:50 Qalqilya

There is a line of 8 cars at the entrance to the city.  A “double cabin” truck coming out of the city is stopped by the side of the road.  The passengers are waiting outside.  Nina goes to see what is going on.  It appears that the driver was carrying more passengers than the number allowed and they were being held up for a half hour.  The driver asks the soldiers to let the passengers go so that they can get to work and he will stay and receive a fine.  The soldiers refuse his request.

We call Shai from the administration who promises to clarify the matter.

Meanwhile the traffic jam at the entrance lets up and the entrance to the city takes place without checks.  All cars are checked at the exit but are checked quickly.

The soldiers are eating breakfast and they have no time to take care of the Palestinians who are detained.

8:12 Shai from the administration is amazed to learn that the Palestinians are still being held up and promises to take care of the matter.

The passengers were released, including the driver. He stops a taxi and the extra passengers get into it. All’s well that ends well, right?

We left at 8:20.