'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 13.4.09, Afternoon

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Rickie Y.,Rutie T.
 guest: Ada from Kibbutz Ein Shemer

14:55 - Aanוn checkpoint 
There are 12 people on site, one tractor (carrying two big rolled up carpets)and three donkies waiting among the yellow mustered flowers which are at full bloom among the rackage of plastic waste on the edge of the checkpoint.
The gate opens at 15:01 and until 15:09 all go through , including the carpets. at 15:23 another tractors arrives on site and drive through within less than one minute. The two soldiers who on their regular obligatory service talk with us courteosly. One of them - is a soldier who had immegrated to Israel all by himself from Urogway.
There are no permits. and those who do have permits are unable to complete all necessary chores.

T. who is forced to work all alone in his olive grove, would have liked to work at least untill 17:00. but the gate closes at 15:35.

15:45 - Sheked-Tura checkpoint

One person crosses over from here to there. A car and a cab wait on the other side of the checkpoint. Their drivers and passengers had gone into the inspection cabin. Upon their arrival, they invite us to join them for a cup of coffee in a small village , Dher-el-Malec near the checkpoint. we accept the invitation for a short visit. Their house is elegant and well groomed. They are returning from Jenin with a sick babyinfo-icon. They have no clinic and no medical insurance. They have just spent NIS 1,200 for a hospital visit and medication.

16:50 - Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint
 "When is the holiday over? there is cluser going into Israel", This is how we're greeted at the lower (Palestinian) car park area which is full of cars awaiting people returning from work. 5 women who enter the terminal at17:00 would come out after 15 minutes. At the upper entrance to the terminal (going into the West Bank) workers cross over today quite swiftly.
"Why do you eat Matsot?" ask one of the workers, "This is due to something that happened in Egypt long long ago" "it's not good to remember such events", he says.

"it brings hatered".