'Azzun 'Atma, Thu 16.4.09, Afternoon

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Maya G-Z (photographing), Yehudit (reporting, photographing), Guest:Lior A., Translator: Charles K..


 17:05  Route 5, after a shift at Huwwara, on our way to the ‘Azzun ‘Atma checkpoint, we saw next to an opening in the fence, very near the village of Zawiya, an army command car.  Next to it we saw a soldier pointing his rifle at a solitary Palestinian, very close to him.


Since Route 5 is a highway, and we were driving fast, we weren’t able immediately to stop nearby, so it was hard to see what was happening there.  We saw a police car, driving (as we were) out of the occupied territories, that stopped by the roadside.

Not far away we saw another army command car and soldiers, as before, outside the vehicle, on the southwest side of Route 5.  Some were standing, some sitting on the metal railing between the lanes (photo attached), talking to a man in civilian clothes.


17:10  Azzun ‘Atma.  Today, Thursday, is a bridge between the end of Passover (yesterday) and Friday.  During our short stay at the checkpoint we saw no workers standing at the gate, nor behind it.  We saw a child who wanted to go through and waited to receive permission, which was given (photo attached).  We passed through the gate.  We met children near the grocery store.  They said they’re not being permitted to go to the houses on the other side of the gate.  A minibus waited for passengers next to the grocery store.  The workers sitting and waiting inside told us they’re coming back from work and going to their village – Sanniriya.