Reihan, Shaked, Wed 22.4.09, Morning

Hedva H., Nava R., (reporting)

Translation: Bracha

09:40 Shaked Tura Checkpoint

No pedestrians or cars are passing through the checkpoint at this hour.  The soldiers are sitting in their position.

10:10 Reihan Barta’a checkpoint:
A car is being checked on its way to the West bank.  It goes through in two minutes.  There are no cars or tenders waiting on the Palestinian side.  Four UN vehicles went through the vehicle checkpoint from the West Bank towards the seamline zone, but did not continue on their way.  We don’t know why.

The drivers in the Palestinian parking lot are quarrelling about over the nonexistent work. Two pedestrians and a family with children and a babyinfo-icon arrive.  It is not clear how they are counted, since people have to enter the terminal in groups of five.  It somehow happens that a two year old girl is left outside the fence.  Her father has already gone in and her mother is still behind the gate.  The child does not cry.  She is used to it.

10:45: Two vans arrive loaded with vegetables.

11:00:  We left the checkpoint.