'Azzun 'Atma, Sun 29.3.09, Morning

Edna L. Yael B. (reporting)

07:30 Azzun Atma

There is no queue. Very few people passing. On the other side of the road, as usual, workers waiting for transportation.

In a conversation with the CP soldiers (the reservists - amongst whom is the CP commander) are pleasant, with them there are a regular army soldiers one of whom examines us whether we also go to Sderot, and the other who plays the big boss at the CP, who sends us away.


The passage at the CP is permitted for the inhabitants of Azzun Atma and for holders of work permits at the occupied territories. Others who have work permits in Israel must pass through Qalqiliya. The CP soldiers told us that till this moment the only one person was not allowed to pass.