'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Ruti T., Chassida S. (reporting)

After an absence  of a few months – we found no change. Nothing is new - not a single (unnecessary) checkpoint has been removed. The occupation goes on as usual.


15:35 Anin 214 checkpoint 

We were late and most of the Palestinians have gone back home, but the gate was still open. Two soldiers arrived to close the gate on our side. They had greeted us and hopped on the military vehicle that awaited them.


16:00 300   Tura checkpoint

The checkpoint is free of Palestinians. Soldiers are on site but not visible – no work. The only ones who work are two Palestinians, father and son. They wave at us (we saw them here a while ago) and continue polishing  the checkpoint floor for Passover. The waste container is not yet full and there is more trash under the benches in the waiting shed. The entire gate area is filthy. Whose trash is it?


16:30 Barta'a

 On our way over there were many vehicles bringing back workers. It is quite late - the eve of a Jewish Holiday. Workers go down to the terminal; there is only one working examination machine but most people work in Israel and do not need to go through it. Many greet us with "Happy Holiday."


The coffee kiosk of the settler from Mevoh Dotan is already closed. On the other side there are a number of filthy wooden benches; whom they belong to? To the settler who sells coffee? To the checkpoint owner, the Ministry of Defense? Who gains and who pays taxes here?