Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Hagit Back (reporting and phtographing); Translator: Charles K.


Today’s main story is the demonstration by residents of the Tel Rumeida neighborhood because the stairs up to the Cordova school are still a closed military area.  As a result, only the pupils and teachers are allowed to use them.  Others must find alternate routes which require them to walk a considerable distance.  The military closureinfo-icon has been cancelled in the remainder of the neighborhood and all residents of Hebron can reach it (on foot), through the checkpoints.






Cf. this clip:


Nahal soldiers are stationed below.  There’s no friction.

The Organization of Jewish Settlers in Hebron is making great efforts to Judaize as much of Hebron as possible and improve conditions for the Jews who live there – so they redid the signage to better help them get around,


established a playground at Beit Hameriva and upgraded the IDF emplacement on the roof.




The other checkpoints are also being upgraded – the occupation apparatus does everything it can to avoid contact with the population – a regime of iron and turnstiles.

On Highway 60, near Dura al-Fawwar junction, children finish school much earlier because exams are underway.  Summer vacation begins in a week.  The soldiers are equipped with riot gear…children throw stones…

The occupation routine continues.