Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Activity against security in the region, Barred (from meeting with attorney)

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Shalom Dahan

Investigator: Ihab Abu Abeed

Defense: Maamoun Hashim, Judd Kadmani


Three cases in the docket. One detainee is barred from seeing counsel.


When the first detainee was brought in, the judge demanded sternly that he be taken out. He then lectured the attorneys that the court commands respect, namely, proper attire and ties are required.


Throughout the hearings, the investigator and the guards were busy with their cell phones and did not pay much attention to the proceedings. Quite often there were three or four guards accompanying the detaineesinfo-icon.

Several times the judge asked the investigator to explain details that apparently were not clear to the investigator himself.


Samer Samir Ashak Shantir – ID 404219537

Suspicions: activity that endangers security in the region.

The investigator requests 15-day extension of the investigation.


Q: Can you elaborate on the charges?

A: Not at this stage. (Refers to the secret report.)

Q: Has the detainee been interrogated?

A: No. He was arrested yesterday.

Q: Why has he not been interrogated?

A: There is a detailed plan of the interrogation.

Judge: You did not answer the question.

Q: Is there a specific suspicion?

A: He would not have been detained otherwise.

Q: Are the suspicions up-to-date?

A: Yes

Q: How is the respondent connected to the suspicions?

A: (Shows the judge the relevant paragraphs).



The investigator repeats the request for 15 additional days.


Defense Summation:

Objection to the 15-day request. The respondent has not been interrogated even though he was arrested yesterday. If there are concrete suspicions, let them interrogate him.


Judge’s decision:

Considering that the interrogation has not even started yet, 8 additional days will be added.

Here a debate ensued whether there would be hearings on Memorial day.

Atty. Hashim repeated that sessions have been postponed to Sunday, but the judge insisted on calling several numbers until he got the answer: the hearings resume on Sunday. Based on this information, the judge reduced the remand to 7 days – until Sunday, 30.4.17.


Abdullah Suleiman Mahmoud Ali – ID 404096695

In detention since 7.4.17.

The investigator requests 8 additional days.

Abdullah is from Bethlehem. This is his third remand extension. For a long time he was barred from seeing counsel.


The defense wants to sum up without examination: the respondent gave a police statement and the investigation is complete. He asks that the case be transferred to the prosecution at Ofer. They want the judge to declare the investigation over.


Judge’s decision:

The detainee is suspected of activity that endangered the IDF and security in the region. He provided all the necessary information so the case should be transferred to the prosecution at Ofer.

The investigator has claimed that there is significant progress in the investigation, so he requests a few more days (as is stated in the secret file). He adds that interrogation regarding the new development has not started yet. Several other suspects are involved.

The judge decided on 7-day remand extension.


Muassev Aiman Abd Al-Razak Zaloum – ID 859621252

Suspected of activity endangering security in the region. He was arrested a few hours earlier.

The prosecutor requests 15 additional days.


Since the detainee is barred from meeting an attorney, we could attend only the part of the hearing when the defense examines the investigator, not the detainee, so we left.