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אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר

Newsletter Summer 2022

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Sunday, 7 August, 2022



Summer Newsletter 2022 


Midsummer – not an ordinary time for newsletters, but the West Bank is on fire!

We are facing new elections in November, and once again, the Occupation is not on the agenda. We stand in protest every week on the bridges trying to raise awareness!
Summing up the year under the “Change Government”, in which left wings parties and even an Arab party participated - the Palestinians’ situation has worsened: 60 Palestinians, including 15 minors, were killed by the army in the first 6 months of 2022. It has been a record year for demolitions. Ten new outposts were established. Violent settlers, backed by the army, took over Palestinian land, and attacked local shepherd families who were forced to leave the land they had inhabited for generations and lose their livelihood. 
In Masafer Yatta, Human Rights activists demonstrating against evictions encountered harsh violence by the settlers and the army.
Following several terrorist acts inside Israel, the army has closed the breaches in the Separation Fence. Now there is renewed pressure at the checkpoints and a rise in appeals for removal from "The Black List". 

One bright spot – The Sea Days Project has resumed. Groups of Palestinian children and their mothers from all these areas of conflict are coming for a day at the sea with lots of fun for them and the volunteers.  


Photo: Orna Naor

We continue their protests against the Occupation and the loss of democracy          


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Northern West Bank: MachsomWatch women continue to talk about the occupation


Once the cameras stopped rolling… 

Following several terrorist attacks inside Israel, Shortly after we completed filming this video - the breaches along the entire length of the Separation Fence were mended ...         
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Masafer Yatta: Point of View by Natanya Ginsburg

When an 80+ year old woman joins a non-violent demonstration in support of villages in South Hebron Hills doomed for eviction, she finds herself targeted by the army and by settlers.

"I heard a loud bang behind me and I was enveloped in gas. I could not see, my eyes were stinging, my face was burning and I could not breathe. Suddenly I was swung up and carried down the hill completely dazed. Afterwards I found out that it was one of the Palestinian Red Cross people who had carried me to the ambulance. I managed to locate and thank him. I also told him that it had been  a long time since I had been in the arms of a young man…"    

Natanya came back to visit the residents of  Masafer Yatta. 
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A single day at the sea

After being shut down for two years by Covid-19, our Sea Days Project resumed with its 14th season.  We had some hardships on the way, but then came a joyous day in July 2022.

It is not often that you get to witness the sea welcome a throng of Palestinian mothers and children for the first time. The guests have no idea what they are about to experience. What is this body of water? Why is the water salty? why does it sting the eyes? What are these jellyfish?

There is the child who races into the water without hesitation but panics later or the one who stares from the shore with suspicion, what is this great thing? Eventually each of the children, some clinging to a volunteer's hand, take small steps in and out. It does not take long before they plunge into the sea, drenched in seawater from head to toe as if they have always been playing in this liquid playground.
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Min El Bachar  - for villages in the West Bank    



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How do you stop messianic illegal outposts?

Messianic settlers were determined to establish several illegal outposts simultaneously on 7/20/22. In response, peace and human rights organizations (including MachsomWatch) led a joint protest campaign against these actions.
Thankfully, our democratic actions helped to thwart this move.  But the lawbreakers continue to try to populate these places again and again, using all means. There are already 150 existing illegal outposts and they continue to perpetrate systematic acts of violence including looting and ongoing pogroms against their Palestinian neighbors. Their explicit aim is to spread settlements all over the West Bank, thus undermining any attempts at a political agreement.
Join us in our attempts to dismantle all outposts!


 photo : Looking at the Occupation in the eye



Editors, writers, translators, production:  Anat Tueg, Aviva Hay, Karin Lindner, Ziona Snir, Tal Haran`  Contributing Writers:  Natanya Ginsburg, Rachel Afek, Shuli Bar;  Photography:  Orna Naor;  Distribution:  Ela Greenberg;