fabric of life" and apartheid roads" | Machsomwatch
אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר

fabric of life" and apartheid roads"

As early as 2004, according to the B'Tselem report, there were 41 roads in the West Bank, including main and regional roads, on which a travel ban was imposed on Palestinians (total ban or limited use). Their total length was 734 kilometers at the time. The Palestinians had to change driving habits and even give up traffic in a private car.

16 years later, Separate roads for Israelis are massively being paved in the West Bank as bypass roads in order to connect the settlements quickly and sterilely to Israel and large settlements, without contact with Palestinians and without the need for checkpoints. To this end, Palestinian lands are being expropriated, but the Palestinians themselves are excluded from using the fast roads and have to drive on alternative, long and sometimes very disrupted "fabric of life" roads, which require a long drive to the nearby towns, to their fields or any other human need. In 2020,  a master plan for apartheid roads has been set into motion, in Gush Etzion, Samaria, and Jerusalem. Read about it in the article "Road bypassing annexation" by Hagar Shizaf (Haaretz, December 20, 2020)