The Civil Administration: Human Rights denial | Machsomwatch

The Civil Administration is a component of the government’s activities in the occupied territories and operates according to policies set by the government in coordination with government ministries, the IDF, and the security services.

A principal function of the Civil Administration is civil and security coordination and liaison vis-à-vis the Palestinian authorities.  As such, the Civil Administration establishes regional offices in various locations – Coordination and Liaison Directorates (DCL).

DCL offices in the West Bank implement the bureaucracy of occupation.  There the Palestinians obtain magnetic cards and entry permits to Israel  or to the settlements.  One or more Palestinian Liaison Offices operates as a counterpart to each DCL and serves as an intermediary between Palestinians and the DCL.  The process works like this:  a Palestinian applies to the Palestinian Liaison Office for a permit to work, for a family visit or for medical treatment.  The Palestinian office transmits the application to the DCL whose function is to issue the permit.  The Palestinians waste days on end and many hours waiting in line for service.  Often their applications are not granted during the course of a single visit and they must return to obtain what they want, and aren’t always successful.  On rare occasions, an effort might be made to improve service and make it more efficient.

DCL offices in the West Bank are located in Hebron, Bethlehem, Jerusalem area, Jericho, Ramallah, Efrayim, Nablus, and Jenin.